every thing is a remix documentary

Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is produced by Kirby Ferguson, a New York-based filmmaker.

Digital technology has made everything into a remix: our photographs, our videos, our songs, our memories are a constant re-imagining, re-positioning, and re-filtering. Vacation photos get an instant lomo finish. Glee and youtube take popular songs and do ‘mashups.’

The first part explores remix in music. The second part explores remixing in film production. The third part is an examination of creativity. How can innovation truly happen? The process is examined.

Finally, part four examines the remix from a legal perspective. Ideas are regarded as property, but ideas aren’t so tidy and creativity and originality often borrow heavily from that that has come beforehand.

Kirby Ferguson illustrates the interconnectedness of our creations and how current laws and norms miss this essential truth.

“The hard truth is that most creations are worthless immediately. Most books, films, albums, computer applications, or whatever else are met with not just indifference but disuse.

They basically aren’t read, aren’t viewed, aren’t used. Of the lucky ones that find a modest audience, almost all of those fall into obscurity within a few decades.

Only a slim minority of works have commercial value after that and current copyright legislation is clearly written for this tiny group. Copyleft activists sometimes refer to this segment as the ‘lottery winners’.”

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