We generally keep an eye on the following resources to stay in tune with the latest debates and documentary flicks:

site with a mission to build a brighter future for the entire planet by seeking and spreading truth on a global level, especially with their documentary section.

Four Corners

Australia’s premier television program exposes scandals, triggering inquiries, debates, confronting taboos and interpreting fads, trends and sub-cultures. Earning Four Corners international recognition for its consistently high standards of film-making.

Youtube Documentaries

without a doubt the largest collection of videos available online. Freely available to watch online and embed content from the most credible film-makers around the globe.

Vimeo Documentaries

vimeo documentary channel gives access to inspiring new film-makers, full documentaries, single chapters, or extended trailers.

a great video search engine and directory for streaming websites. Documentary sites are included.


compelling documentaries, whether from established heavyweights or first-time filmmakers, available to the wide audience.

PBS Frontline

credible, thoughtful reporting combined with powerful narrative, a good story well told.

Documentary Films.NET

a valuable resource to those with an interest in documentary films.

Box Office Mojo

all time box-office list of documentaries.

HBO Documentary Films

a community favourite, it offers a full spectrum of stellar, non-fiction programming by acclaimed documentary filmmakers.

Radio Documentaries

award winning radio documentaries from Ireland – all freely available to listen online or podcast.

BBC Documentaries

for over 80 years the BBC has been delivering credible films and TV series on a global stage.