• a wet irish man

    very interesting documentary. I live along the west coast of Ireland and the wind, rain and weather this year has been worst than I’ve ever seen it. We’ve been without a phone for 3 weeks, and our electricity has gone off twice. I know it’s not as bad here as it has been in Japan and Thailand, but in my years I’ve never seen it this bad.

  • ah a fellow Irish man 🙂 .. Fortunately I’m along the East coast where it hasn’t been as bad. But I’ve relations in Cork who have suffered terrible this year with the flooding. The ole insurance companies have highlighted that ‘weather’ claims have sharply risen this year, and they expect it to get worst :/ ..

    on a happier note though, thanks for taking the time to check out the site, and for posting a comment. I hope you enjoy my work here at topdocflicks 🙂